Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lets get some nerdcore up in this hoe!

Here's a little potpourri of some nerdcore. Hope you guys like it! I'll post download links if you guys want some of em.

boysdontcry - mc chris

Secrets From The Future - MC Frontalot (I love this really gotta listen to it)

We Have Arrived - MC Lars & ytcracker ft. K.Flay and the Former Frat Boys
Shit pumps me up

crazyTOWN - K.Flay
Applies to a lot of you I bet ;P

Carry On - K.Flay (Live) Her voice is beautiful...Brings a tear to my eyes.

I gotta go for a bit, but I'll post some more if you guys like this. Let me know what you think!

EDIT: I saw this and shat myself...It's fucking epic.


  1. The final carry on video was great~!

  2. Love these.

    Great blog, anyway bro.

  3. haha very nice post, looking forward to seeing more!

  4. not my style of music. And the pokemon I saw it too. Damn how epic it looks.

  5. wish this was gonna be made into a feature length film, doubt it will

  6. MC Chris is awesome, first heard about him in ATHF and his star wars rap is priceless

  7. The Apokelypse makes me incredibly eager for a live-action, Hollywood funded Pokemon movie.

  8. Saw the Pokemon one the other day, shat bricks.