Saturday, April 7, 2012

MoP Downloader

Well.  Thanks to a mix of slow internet (2 Mb/s max) and a super buggy beta launcher, I am yet to actually log in to the Mists of Pandaria beta.
The first night I started downloading and went to bed.  When I woke up it was at about 3% - it crashed shortly after I went to bed.
The next five or so times I went to reset it, it would get stuck at Initializing or Synching files or something like that.  I had to end a ghost process, delete the folder in ProgramData, and restart my computer in different combinations before it finally got going again.
Shortly after, it crashed again and I had to go through the same thing as above.
Today, it was at roughly 55%, so I decided to try logging in, seeing as you can play past about 10% and it downloads files in the background.  After sitting on the 'retrieving characters' screen for about the ten minutes, the character creation screen finally popped up...and as soon as I clicked 'create new character' I got a critical error.
After doing the stuff above for about 10 more minutes, it finally started again.  But this time, it started at 55% while in the setup stage (aka not able to play while background downloading), with optimal (playable) at about 85%.

tl;dr, extremely buggy launcher.  2/10 would not bang.
I should be able to - knock on wood - play and give some initial thoughts by tomorrow.


  1. that's too bad, the expansion looks really cool!

  2. Your lucky your internets that fast, buggy launchers suck! Why couldn't they just compress it?

    1. Thats megabits not bytes : \
      The max I can ever get from downloading is 170KB/s, and that's if I'm the only person on the network and have nothing else running

  3. Yep... sounds like a major WoW cornerstone. I remember when i still played constantly refreshing the join queue so i could play the game i had purchased months before on release night. Talk about a mistake. Ended up being too slow and too crowded to get anything done anyways.